Annie's Aprons

For many, many years I worked in the corporate world and traveled extensively.  Multiple cities a week, exhausting kind of travel.  And for many, many of those trips I had the joy of traveling with my colleague Ann.  We made a great team and working with her was one of the saving graces of that high stress lifestyle.

After maybe one too many trips, and finally acknowledging the stress had taken its toll, both Ann and I individually made the decision to leave the corporate grind behind. It has been several years since our road warrior days, but I'm happy to say that we never lost touch.  She's one of the few people I reach out to when something exciting happens or if I need an honest opinion.

So, when I made the first iteration of the Grammy Apron, I of course sent the pics to Ann.  Making that pattern from that old apron sparked an interest in me to drag out all my old sewing paraphernalia and surprisingly did the same for Ann. She was inspired by the design's retro vibe and wanted something similar...specifically that didn't tie around the neck (it annoys her as much as it annoys me).  

She found an old ad from the 20's that had something similar to what was in her head and decided to create a new version from that inspiration.  I think the design she came up with is fantastic in its simplicity but is so functional while still being cute as all get out (her first iteration is shown to the right).  

Ann's first project for her new apron design was an apron for her sister.  There was an old tablecloth that had been on their kitchen table throughout their childhood that had been sitting in a closet for years.  The tablecloth had a lot of sentimental value but had too many scars from years of use to be on a table anymore.  So, they decided to use it to make the first "real" apron. 

The creation of this apron led to requests from other family members to use other vintage family materials to create new versions of the apron for them. Each version so perfectly matches the personality of the person she made it for including an amazingly cute Mommy and Me apron set for Ann's niece and grandniece.  

Repurposing vintage materials and finding inspiration in classic, handmade items is what Fluffernutter Vintage is all about. I was so happy that the Grammy Apron was the catalyst for this great idea and that Ann, and her sisters had so much fun making these aprons from their family heirlooms. 

I absolutely love this apron and its story so I asked Ann if she would make a pattern for me so we could add it to our shop.  She was kind enough to do that and even got her sisters involved in creating names for each of the aprons they had made.  

So, the first release of Annie's aprons is The Farm Girl. It's based on the original apron Ann made for her sister out of that blue check tablecloth.  You can find it in our shop in multiple colors.  Keep an eye out for other aprons in the Annie collection including that adorable Mommy and Me set.

Thank you Ann!! 


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