The Grammy Apron

The Apron that started it all...or close to it.  Several years ago when cleaning out a closet, my sister came across an old, VERY well worn apron that belonged to our grandmother.  It was soft and faded and obviously handmade.  In fact, if I think back to the earliest memories I have of my grandmother, she was wearing her uniform of the day...a "house dress" and this apron.  She would later decide to adopt pants and a cardigan as her outfit of choice, but in our younger years, it was always the apron.

As we reminisced about our grandmother and her choice to dress almost every day in an apron, it dawned on us how different things had become.  Back when she was a young woman, an apron had a lot more self expression.  Before there were so many convenience foods, a lot more time was spent in the kitchen preparing food from scratch and therefore comfort and utility were a must in an apron.  And since they were like a daily uniform, a lot of thought was given to the design and the fabric.   

It's interesting how much the pendulum has swung back toward cooking from scratch in recent years.  Fairly late in life I discovered cooking as a hobby, not just something to throw together at the end of a hectic day.  I really enjoy learning new techniques and mastering a complicated recipe.  What I don't enjoy though is the number of shirts I've ruined because I don't wear an apron.  It's just not something I have thought about because it's not something our generation made use of.  

Finding Grammy's old apron inspired me to try to recreate it and inspired my sister to seek out other vintage, handmade aprons.  Often they are so unique because of the individual who created it and wore it.  

The Grammy Apron is the first of many vintage aprons we intend to recreate for our shop.  We'll offer it in several fabric choices, currently 3 inspire us, with many more to come.  We also decided to create a pattern so that others could make their personal choice and inject their individuality.

We hope you enjoy our rendition of Grammy's apron.  If you decide to make one with your choice of fabric, please send us a picture.  We'd love to see what inspires you!


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