Who knew? Granny Chic is a thing!

My sister has always had a unique vibe.  Even as teenagers I envied her natural ability to put together a completely original look that was uniquely hers. And don't get me started on her ability to accessorize that totally escapes me.

It has always been part of her DNA to recognize and collect things that are interesting and different.  And she has always had an appreciation for those items from the past that are handmade. 

A few years ago she asked me to be her decorator and help update the main floor of her 1930's era farmhouse. She and her husband had purchased it a few years before and it was in need of some updating.

We started with the usual things like selecting new paint colors and rearranging some furniture.  But when it came to selecting furnishings and the accessories such as window treatments, lighting and accessories, we didn't head out to a furniture store or the mall.  Instead we went shopping right in her literal backyard.

The backyard is where my sister's workshop is.  It's where you'll find a vast collection of what she refers to as "just stuff", but it's really an array of unique items from the past. I found artwork, rugs, old windows from a long ago demolished children's hospital, and a huge old wicker trunk that made the perfect coffee table.  I also spent a considerable amount of time wandering around the rooms and closets of her house looking for just the right finishing touches.  

When we were all done, I stood back to admire our handy work.  It was a cozy space with interesting details but with a vibe I was having a hard time describing.  I finally said that I hoped I wasn't offending her, but it was very Granny, but in a good way.  You know...Granny Chic!  

We both laughed, but decided that's exactly what Linda's vibe is...Granny Chic.  Well, it turns out after some Pinterest searches that Granny Chic is actually a THING!  Who knew?!  

When we came up with the idea for Fluffernutter Vintage, the evolution of my sister's workshop into the inspirations for our shop was pretty natural.  We're really enjoying sharing Linda's vintage finds and also using them as inspiration for new handmade items with a vintage flair. 

We hope you enjoy coming along with us on this journey into the world of Granny Chic!


  • Love the stories of Granny Chic and the aprons. I had several aprons of my mother’s and mother-in-law’s and sent them to Goodwill years ago during one of our moves. Thought they were taking up space and I miss them now that I am retired and spending more time in the kitchen. Not really a Granny Chic person but I absolutely love the planters! Very appealing website and I wish you well in your joint venture.

    Judy Kreiling
  • Love your message. Very heartwarming and very sweet. Glad you both found a vibe that works. Granny-Chic it is!!

    Doris Pope

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